Supagraf® Furnasele Gasket

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Supagraf® Furnasele Gasket

  • Supagraf® Furnasele Type A: 7mm total onefifty_Supagraf_Furnasele_160x160thickness; for gaskets of 1m or greater overall diameter.
  • Supagraf® Furnasele Type B: 5mm total thickness, for gaskets of less than 1m overall diameter.
  • Face widths are usually 40mm to 50mm.
  • Other thickness combinations can be produced as required.
  • On very hot applications, a thermal barrier can be supplied to protect the graphite from oxidation. This is usually unnecessary in metallurgical plants where the installation is water-cooled.

Materials of construction 
Graphite:  98% purity expanded graphite.
Metal ring: Generally hot-rolled carbon steel. Stainless steels are readily available, with a range of nickel alloys supplied on request. 

How supplied
These gaskets are custom-designed and manufactured to suit each application. Diameters range from 500mm to well in excess of 2000mm. 

Supagraf® Furnasele gasket consist of a supporting metal ring with a relatively thick layer of Supagraf® expanded graphite bonded to both faces.

The support ring allows the graphite sealing faces to be positioned accurately on large vertical flanges. Without the support ring, large gaskets of regular graphite sheet would have to be supplied and transported in segments, leading to on-site handling and installation problems. 

By using thicker graphite layers than normal, an effective seal can be made with light bolt loading, and also on applications where flanges are uneven or warped. 

Typical applications
Supagraf® Furnasele was initially developed to solve sealing problems on blast furnace ducts with warped flanges. Long-term reliability and sealing performance has made it a standard fitment at many metallugical plants. It also solves flange sealing problems in other industries when a large conformable one-piece gasket is needed for medium or high temperatures duties – especially on vertical flanges.

Design features
Each Supagraf® Furnasele gasket is custom-designed to suit the specific application. In general, two thickness variants cover most applications:

Supagraf® Furnasele Gasket