Total Flange Management

Gaskets & Sheet Jointings

Total Flange Management

We provide cost efficient ranges of off-the-shelf and standard products that help industry to improve the integrity of flange joints – and protect the critical components of these joints from corrosion, humidity and environmental pollutants.

By eliminating such problems at source, our customers can improve plant efficiency and safety whilst, at the same time, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Full Product Range

Bolt protectiononefifty_RotaBolt_Radolid_1-crop160

Protective caps for bolts, bolt ends, nuts and screws

  • Reduce maintenance costs and fastener wastage.
  • Simple to fit.
  • Increase product life.
  • Enhance plant safety.

Flange insulation setsonefifty_flanged_insulation_sets

Provide galvanic corrosion protection

  • Sets of electrically insulating flange gaskets, bolt sleeves and washers.
  • Used in cathodic protection systems.
  • Help eliminate galvanic corrosion on long-distance pipelines.

Flange protectorsonefifty_flange_protector

Combat corrosion & reduce maintenance costs

  • Protect studs, gaskets and flange faces from environmental corrosion.
  • Easliy fitted in minutes without splitting the flange.
  • Re-usable and cost effective.

RotaBolt® tension control fastenersonefifty_RotaBolt_group-crop160

High accuracy tension for bolted connections

    • Modified bolt indicates when tension is correct.
    • Far more reliable than torque wrench or hydraulic tensioner.
    • Use where unreliability has cost, heath & safety or environmental impact. 

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