Spiral wound gaskets

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Spiral wound gaskets

James Walker Metaflex® gaskets will seal flanges where temperature, pressure, vibration and flow rates are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials.

They are used worldwide for pipelines and pressure vessels on steam, petrochemical, nuclear, marine and hydraulic plant, as well as on heat exchangers.

Full Product Range

Metaflex® – spiral wound gaskets

In materials to suit all applicationsonefifty_metaflex

  • High integrity sealing for pipelines and pressure vessels.
  • System pressures: high vacuum to over 35MPa/350bar.
  • Temperatures: cryogenic to 1000°C.
  • Material combinations for all operating conditions.

Metaflex® Lolode gaskets

Sealing efficiency at limited bolt loadingsonefifty_metaflex_lolode

  • Spiral wound gasket that seals efficiency at limited bolt stress.
  • For Classes 150 and 300 flanges.
  • Pressure tested to 20MPa/200bar.

Metaflex® SG/IR Fire-Safe Gaskets

Fire-Safe spiral wound gaskets for high pressure dutiesonefifty_Metaflex_Fire-Safe-crop160

  • Fire Test certified to ANSI/API 607 and ISO 10497.
  • Zero leakage recorded during certification tests.
  • For high pressure duties where leakage must be prevented under emergency fire conditions. 

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