Gaskets & Sheet Jointings


Gaskets & Sheet Jointings

James Walker manufactures and supplies complete ranges of metallic and semi-metallic joints, gaskets and sheet jointings to suit every industrial application.

In addition, we produce precision-cut flat gaskets to any shape, size and quantity from any sheet material, including our own extensive ranges of jointings. A vast stock of flange gaskets is held ready for immediate despatch, and we can economically cut non-standard profiles of any complexity within minutes.

Compressed fibre jointingsonefifty_non_asbestos_joint_b

A range of highly proven non-asbestos sheet jointings that covers flange gasket duties with most fluid media from ASME Class 150 to Class 600 ratings, plus some special applications.

Cork-elastomer jointingsonefifty_Cork-elastomer-nebar-group

Nebar® cork-elastomer jointings are the obvious choice for numerous flange sealing duties with transformer oils, lubricating oils, fuels and water in the electrical, automotive, marine, aerospace and general machinery sectors.

Elastomeric gaskets/jointingsonefifty_commercial_rubber_-_crop160

We in-house process and/or supply wide ranges of commercial and specification grade elastomers for flange sealing and other duties.

Expanded graphite jointingsonefifty_supagraf_range_of_gasket_products-crop160

Supagraf® expanded graphite jointings combine excellent chemical resistance with an exceptionally wide temperature range to provide outstanding sealing over extended periods.
• Temperatures from cryogenic to above +400°C in oxiding environments.
• Maximum temperature of +2500°C in inert conditions under certain        circumstances.
• Excellent resistance to stress relaxation at elevated temperatures.

Flange sealing improvementonefifty_gasket_installation_and_flange_refurb-crop160

The vital role of the flange gasket is too often overlooked. Our on-site and workshop-based services are based on the vast technical expertise of James Walker companies in the selection, manufacture and supply of the optimum gasket products and flange sealing capabilities. Moreover, our protection devices are well-proven products that help extend the operational life and long-term sealing efficiency of bolted flange joints.

Gasket and profile cutting

Our CAD/CAM controlled water-jet, abrasive water-jet, and laser cutters produce precision cut gaskets and other complex profiles to any shape, size and quantity from virtually any sheet material.

Kammprofile-type gasketsonefifty_Metakamm_illustration_-crop160

Our Metakamm® gaskets are now widely specified for high temperature / pressure pipework and vessels where spiral wound gaskets were previously used.

Machined/corrugated gasketsonefifty_Moorflex_Metallic_Gaskets_resized-160

We produce precision-machined solid metal gaskets to provide top performance under extreme conditions; and metallic corrugated types, often with expanded graphite on the sealing surfaces, for high temperature applications.

Other gasket productsonefifty_PR160-Pic1_200x200_

We offer a variety of gasket types or materials for specific applications – plus our compact hand tool for cutting circular flange gaskets from compressed fibre jointings, rubber and cork-elastomer sheets. Also, our RotaBolt® tension control fasteners are widely used on high integrity flange jointed systems.

PTFE gaskets & jointingsonefifty_FluolionSheetGasket-crop160

James Walker’s Fluolion® PTFE, Garlock’s Gylon® modified-PTFE, GORE® ePTFE, and Teadit® expanded-PTFE gasket products provide outstanding chemical resistance for duties where hygiene and non – contamination are essential.

They offer many unique features:
Outstanding chemical resistance.
Non-corrosive, non-wetting, non-contaminating and odourless.
Can work efficiently at temperatures from cryogenic up to +260°C.
Excellent electrical and thermal insulation in virgin PTFE form.

Ring joint gasketsonefifty_Ring_joints_crop160-2

API-licensed and ASME ranges of solid metal ring joints, precision manufactured in the UK by James Walker Moorflex for high pressure oilfield applications and process industry duties.

Available to API 6A (oilfield use) and ASME B16.20 (general use) standards to fit ASME, BS and DIN flanges.

Semi-metallic gasketsonefifty_supagraf_eyeletted_gaskets-crop160

These exceptionally versatile gaskets solve many flange sealing problems for industry.

They have either a metal core with sealing materials on both flat surfaces, or a pliable core encased in a thin metallic casing.

Spiral wound gasketsonefifty_Sprial-Wound-Gaskets-resized-crop160

James Walker Metaflex® gaskets will seal flanges where temperature, pressure, vibration and flow rates are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials.

They are used worldwide for pipelines and pressure vessels on steam, petrochemical, nuclear, marine and hydraulic plant, as well as on heat exchangers.

Total Flange Managementonefifty_total_flange_management-crop160

We provide cost efficient ranges of off-the-shelf and standard products that help industry to improve the integrity of flange joints – and protect the critical components of these joints from corrosion, humidity and environmental pollutants.

By eliminating such problems at source, our customers can improve plant efficiency and safety whilst, at the same time, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.